Welcome! You’ve officially taken a seat around the bonfire, where we come together to gab, give pep talks, and my best business advice. For our very first pow-wow, let’s kick things off with a quick note about what it means for you to be a part of the Collective (i.e. why I get out of bed every morning). First thing’s first…

Don’t let this place fool you.

At first glance, you might think you’ve stumbled on a business that sells rad home goods and makes pretty wedding things. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But you wouldn’t be halfway to the whole truth, either (which is a lot more fun than all that, chere).

What you’ve really stumbled onto is a mantra—one that’s been soaking into my skin for over 20 years.

Bon Temps is Bayou Born

I’m lucky enough to come from a place that doesn’t know how not to have a good time. We just can’t help it. Down in south Louisiana, we believe in eating grand, laughing grand, even dying grand behind a big brass band. I don’t know where it comes from. Maybe it’s the music that’s always in the air. Maybe it’s the spice in our blood. Whatever it is, I know it’s something this big spinning rock could use more of.

That’s what Bon Temps is really about. I don’t make coffee cups. I make chances to gather together over something good and hot. I don’t make art prints. I make declarations to good times to nail to your wall. And the tea towels aren’t just drying rags (catching on yet?), they’re a chance to wring your hands around home.

I know these are small gestures, but they’re made with big love. From the goods I put in the store, to the biz advice that goes up on the blog, I’ll be thinking of you. And most of all, I promise it’ll always be big fun.

Thanks for stopping in, and tell ya mom and them I said hey.


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