Donna Roppolo
January 18, 2020




When I first met the guys at Cadius, they already had website content. The problem was they hated it. Anyone who’s been in this position knows it can feel like more of a dark cloud over your business than having no content at all. Our goal was to fill the site with strong language that left an actual mark on the potential clients who arrived there.

However, as we dug in, it quickly became evident that what Cadius really lacked was a clear brand. Without knowing who they were, what their motivations were, or who they wanted to talk to, we knew copy wouldn’t get far. What started as a website overhaul morphed into a complex, multi-phase branding initiative in addition to the much-needed content.


The reaction Prime had to their new content is the reason I do what I do. Today, their site is a living, breathing representation of who they are as a company. The marketing firm has substantially increased their workload, working with client’s around the world to deliver them high-end websites.


“We believe if you have the opportunity to better the world, you should take it."