SOLVED: Knowing If Should You Print Invitations at Home or Commercially.

As a stationer, there’s a lot of talk about whether to print wedding invitations commercially or give it a go at home. Truth? There’s no right answer, just what’s right for you. And much like how you operate your business, that’s what counts, chère.  So today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of each, as we dive in to uncover each option’s beauty marks and little blemishes. Let’s dive in, yes?

Wedding Invitation Printing

There are three real options when it comes to printing wedding invitation suites. You can print them at home, online, or with a local printer. Each has their own draw. Commercial printing costs can be exorbitant and eat up your client’s budget, leaving less coin in your own pocket. But printing at home can be a major headache, and if it ends in catastrophe, you could end up spending double by giving it a go, failing, and having them commercially printed. Knowing what to consider ahead of time for each will save you time, money, and a few wrinkles. Let’s start with the trickiest, printing your wedding invitations at home.

Printing at Your Wedding Invitations at Home

It’s tempting, and for good reason. Printing at home allows you to have a whole heap of control when it comes to your invitation suites. You can be choosy with your paper, mixing and matching hues, thickness, and brands. You can color match on the spot. Ensure your print matches accessories like ribbons, envelope ink, and more. If something’s off, you can make any adjustment you need in seconds. There is no waiting for the redesigned proof to be executed and shipped to you. Instead, it can be in your hands in under a minute. Last but definitely not least, is saves you cash by avoiding the costs of commercial printing and shipping. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Hypothetically, sure. Until you’re printer betrays you and leaves skid marks all over your beautiful paper for reasons only God will ever know about. Until you’ve approved a full bleed design with your client only to realize your sweet little printer doesn’t have the ability to print a full bleed. Until the colors she’s spitting out don’t match in the least to what you see on your screen, no matter how much you adjust.

Is all of this conquerable? You bet your sweet ass. But it’s gonna take some hustle. It’s going to require leg work in the beginning, and baby, it will burn. But. If you can sally forth, actually learn about your printer and how she ticks, you can execute some pretty incredible projects. And trust me, nothing makes you feel quite as productive as hearing your printer churn out invites in the background as you work away.

Printing Your Wedding Invitations Online

If all of that sounds like it’s for suckers, that’s ok. Again, there is no wrong or right path to printing, here. If printing your wedding invitations online sounds like your jam, you’re likely in the majority. Many find the extra cost of online printing worth the dodging the headache of dealing with any mishaps that may happen at home. When looking at online print costs, be sure to do so early, so that your client’s budget isn’t blindsided at the end of your project. You’ll want to do your research ahead of time and include the cost in your overall estimate. It’s also important to be aware of the limitations that come with commercial printing. Depending on your print source, you may be limited in the weights and shades of paper to choose from for your invitation suite. And be warned, not every place will send you a hard proof first. Also, if the printer screws something up with the shipping, the buck still stops with you. It’s up to you to cover the costs to reorder and make it right, not your client.

Printing Your Wedding Invitations Locally

Depending on your budget, printing your invites locally can be the sweet spot of the printing world. While the costs are usually more expensive than online (but not always), printing locally gives you the chance to monopolize on creative control and hassle-free printing. You can go into the print shop, and see your paper options in person. You can get an accurate understanding of thickness, shade, and texture. Stopping by to do this and introduce yourself as a local calligrapher or designer who will be needing a lot of printing will also establish a rapport with your printer, making it likely they have your back throughout the process. Proofs are usually available quickly, and adjustments are easy. Making these may not be as simple as doing them in your home, but it’s close. Bring your laptop to the print shop so that you can make any changes you need to on the spot and resubmit immediately for a super-quick turnaround. And most of all, if there are any issues, you’re not sitting on a phone tree, trying to get someone to help you. You’re problem solving side by side with your vendor, where you can truly be heard.

So what do you think? Which do you prefer to do? Are you an at home, online, or local kinda babe? Let me know your vote in the comments!