A Lesson in Showing Up



I was going to sit down and write you some crazy inspirational message. I was going to fill it with a sunshine yellow attitude and pump it with lightning bolts of positivity. But then the actual day happened. And sister, it SUCKED.

I mean hit me upside the head like a ton of bricks that had a personal problem with me sucked.

I’ll admit, most days are pretty good. So much so, you forget what a truly bad day is like. The kind where one more negative thing couldn’t possibly elbow its way onto your little plate. And then it does, with a mighty strength, and it brings 10 inconsiderate friends you never even invited in the first place with it.

But the point of this isn’t to whine to you. Quite to opposite. It’s to say this: There will be days when this whole business thing feels impossible. Days when you get one bit of crappy feedback after another. Show up anyway. You don’t have to be happy about it. You don’t have to feel your absolute best—but show up. It doesn’t mean you aren’t having a crap day. You totally are. Take a moment, acknowledge your grief, frustration, failure, clumsiness. Give it it’s due—realize your mistakes. Realize what was unfair about how it went down. Realize the part you played in it. Wallow in all of it for a good minute or two, I mean really roll around in the mud of it. Then dry your eyes, dust off your chucks, and get back to work.

All businesses face hardship. And what that really means is that the people behind the scenes face hardship. Some quit, and some don’t. That’s all there is to it. We’ll talk about why failure happens and how to be honest about it with ourselves on another day. Right now, this is just to say, keep showing up. Give a middle finger to the little tyrant in your head, handing you the towel so you can throw it in. Show up. Do the work. Tomorrow will come, and it will be better. I promise.