What’s In An Invitation Suite: Everything You Need to Know


When I was first starting out in weddings, I had no idea what all went in an invitation suite. I had never been married and had only been invited to about two weddings as an adult. What in the heck were in those babies?! Does every suite have an rsvp? Do you need a details card?

Once I started digging, things got even more complicated. What in the hell was an A9? When did I need handmade paper versus cardstock? What size envelopes did I need for a full suite? What in the heck made up a full suite? It went on and on.

That’s why I’ve put together my most comprehensive breakdown on what pieces make up a wedding invitation suite, and the details and options behind each piece. Let’s get to it, yeah?

The Basic Pieces that Go in a Wedding Invitation Suite

Any standard invitation suite includes an invitation, a details card, an rsvp card, and a corresponding envelope for the rsvp card to be sent in. Some suites may choose to forgo one or more pieces, but this is what you usually see in a typical suite. Notice, a save the date is not listed. While it may be part of an overall suite (as far as style goes), it’s not part of the invitation suite. The save the date is a stand-alone piece that goes out on it’s own, typically six months before the wedding date.

The Wedding Invitation

Ah, the crème-de-la-crème, the prima ballerina. She is the star of the show, the wedding invitation. While some suites may drop the rsvp or the details card, the invitation is always a main stay. The information that is usually included here is couples names, date, time, and location. Of course there’s all kind of wording about you being invited and all. But that is the meat of it. Formal invitations are usually sent on behalf of the bride’s parents. You’ll see wording like, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith invite you to the wedding of…” and then all the aforementioned information.

The Wedding Details Card

The details card is where your guests can find all the most important information about your upcoming wedding. When people wonder what information to prioritize on the details card, I always ask them, “If this was all your guest was going to learn about your wedding, what would they NEED to know?” It’s pretty clarifying pretty quick. Some people choose to forgo the details card, which is totally fine, but I always suggest including one if you can. It gives your guests pertinent information they need to know about hotel stays, transportation day-of, attire, and a handful of other things you don’t want them texting the bride about. These are traditionally size 4×6” cards.

The Wedding RSVP Card

The rsvp card is another super important piece not to miss. This is how you know who all is coming to the wedding! It should ask whether or not the guest intends to be at the wedding (use whatever kind of cutesy language you want for this, boo), and how many guests will be attending. You don’t want to leave this part off. That’s how you end up paying for a place setting for a spouse that stayed or end up three short because someone brought their kiddos. If you’ll need to know what your guests want for a meal choice, this is also the place to ask. Your rsvp card will usually be 3.5×5” and come with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. You want it to be as easy as possible for them to simply fill it out and drop it right into the mail.

Common Wedding Suite Extras

You can put just about anything you want in a wedding suite! I’ve even sent wedding suites for brides that come with a little gift of a sage smudge stick. It really is whatever you want it to be, chère. Some of the most common extras that make for a really lovely keepsake are a wedding map of the area, complete with venue illustrations and special landmarks. You can include a note from the bride and groom, or even a simple quote or bible verse. The possibilities seriously go on and on!

Common Sizes for Wedding Invitation Suites

Even when you’ve got which pieces are included in a suite figured out, there are still so many details to be aware of! Most of the information comes down to sizing, and the alternative names that a lot of these sizes are called.

Invitation: 5×7,” fits into an A7 envelope (5.25×7.25”)

Details card: 4.5×6.25,” fits into an A6 (4.75×6.5”)

Rsvp Card: 3.5×5,” FITS INTO A 4Bar envelope (3.625×5.125)

Note: For invitation suites that are a little fuller, whether it’s from handmade paper, or the inclusion of extra pieces such as a map or ribbon, you can purchase either an A7.5 (5.5×7.5” envelope (usually does the trick) or an A9 envelope (5.75×8.75”).

Have questions about anything we went over? Curious who my favorite vendors and paper suppliers are? Just ask me in the comments below!