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Welcome to the YaYas

What do Harry Potter, Sinatra, and Jesus Have in Common?

They all knew the value of a good squad.  A rag tag group that slings together and sticks, no matter what. And while there’s a lot of good possies, there’s nothing quite like YaYas.

What Exactly is a YaYa?

YaYas originated in the dark bayous of the deep south. From a young age, these girls came together under moonlight to link arms around firelight and pledge allegiance to their fellow sisters.

She’s the maiden warrior who will face your biggest battles by your side. She’s the voodoo child who forces you to shake to your own song, and the Cajun queen who won’t let you get away with your usual bullshit (she loves you too much). Most of all, a YaYa is for life—just ask my 77 year old grandmother and her girl gang.

What’s it Mean to be a YaYa?

Over the past few years, the more I talked to my inner circle of bestie babes, the more we realized an awful truth—making friends as a female is hard. Really freakin hard. We know of so many awesome women, but for most of us, we can count our ride-or-dies on one hand. At the same time, we’re hardwired to crave community and relationships. And most of us are starving.

The YaYa gang is our answer to the hunger we know too many women experience. This community is a place to gather together in support, encouragement, and damn good times. You come here to form actual relationships with real women, to know that they have your back and want to see you crush it.

How do I Become a YaYa?

Sound interesting?! Of course it does! We’re talking about a badass girl gang of absolute boss babes who hold each other up. What’s NOT interesting about that? We can’t think of a single thing. So come join us.

We would totally love to have you.

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